Sodrugestvo is an international agro-industrial group, founded in 1994, headquartered in Luxembourg. In the past years, we have achieved an important position in the global scenario, reaching over US$ 3 billion in gross sales, which consolidated us as one of the largest agro-industrial companies in Europe.

We started our operations in Brazil as a grain trader in 2009. Later, we started to provide soybean meal and oil to the market, as well as grain storage and road carriage services. Sodrugestvo is now one of the major soybean processors in SĂŁo Paulo state, with a solid growth in soybean exports and strategical operations in the main Brazilian soybean producing states.

To support our continuous development, we ensure our operations are based on quality, safety and innovation, some of the company's pillars. Our highly skilled team is responsible for this competitive advantage, positioning us as one of the leading companies in the segment.

Sodrugestvo Brazil is committed to develop its businesses in the country, generating sustainable value to the agribusiness productive chain and to its global operations, aligned with its strategic position in foreign trade and oilseeds processing.


quality policy and food safety

Provide safe and competitive products in terms of quality and cost, ensuring customer satisfaction through continuous process improvement, always evaluating risks, business opportunities and development management. Meet applicable regulatory and statutory requirements and those specified by customers.

Train and aware employees so that they understand the importance of their contributions and are committed to achieving the objectives established for the maintenance of the Quality Policy and Food Safety Management System.



We are more than 200 employees in Brazil and more than 2,000 worldwide, committed to our values:

Mission: Sustainably generate value in the productive chain, being one of the best agribusiness companies.

Vision: To deliver products and services with quality and efficiency, through a qualified team, focused on the customer and on generating value to society.

Values: Ethics, transparency, cooperation, recognition, simplicity, commitment and innovation.